Philippines has been known to be the home of resilient people. Disaster upon disaster, Filipinos have undeniably become stronger and optimistic as seen in the context of post-disaster recovery and… click for more

Living in a rapidly changing society caused the fast changing of traditional values and the conflict between the old and new generation. The relationship between adolescents and adults is complex to the arising of difficulties due to… click for more


An idle man is an evil’s mind.” Our teacher wrote this on the board one morning while we were inking articles for the school paper. Such set of hepty words directly pierced my ears with thud. It was not addressed to anyone, but deep within, I knew it was… click for more

I  am mother nature. I am the world where everything exists. The trees, mountains, oceans, land masses- all of these forms are part of me. I represent a network of interconnected systems that … click for more

Science Tech

The cartoon shows the evolution of communication that people had undergone from prehistoric time to the present day. As seen in the picture, the communication tool has… click for more

Shaping our daily lives are the technological advances we enjoy today. Our hobbies and interests, information and communications processes, personal panache, and even business, methods are changing overtime… click for more

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This is a personal blog of an 18-year old boy who finds joy in tackling the latest and the biggest issues being confronted by our society.

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