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If only I held you tightly…

If only I let my heart skip a beat

In a place where it won’t let us feel,

Would you still let me put my ears on your chest?

Would I still hear the same heartbeat from you?

If only I dared to fight and confront

In a world where eyes are equipped with laser beams,

Would you still lock your eyes upon me?

Would I still be able to see your black-eyed grin?

If only I put more effort into showing my affection

In my bubble of timidity and faint soul,

Would you still do the things you did for me?

Would I still bring out the better in you?

If only I braved myself to hold you tightly

In a universe where big forces of gravity may drive us apart,

Would we revolve in the same orbit and be each other’s moon?

Would we illuminate happiness, trust, and love?



12 thoughts on “If only I held you tightly…

  1. Amazing lines!

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