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Knowing one’s story

Midst the land of Kings of Northern Luzon Philippines lies the cradle of Wayne Jacel. With the tranquil beauty and invigorating breeze of his land’s towering verdant hills, mountains, and rivers, he is a proud Ilocano and Filipino, wearing the red banner of his ancestors.

He is the youth of today. A member cohort of Generation Z. And definitely, he is a descendant of strong-willed Katipuneros who fought for his freedom, justice, and peace.

Born with these notions in mind, he has always strived to speak his truth clearly and impactfully. For what is the essence of his guerilla forefathers’ fight if he just let it all go in vain with negligence and abuse?

He values and listens to the story of everyone, even the dull and the ignorant. But he also romanticizes fiction, for he thinks it has the power to temporarily keep one away from the bubble of reality. That just for a moment, one can be able to escape from the noisy confusion of life.

And so, he uses his voice and words to write stories anchored with the pursuit of expression, not of impression. He desires that every story he shares will always resonate with people from different walks of life.

Filled to the brim with life, family, music, love, photography, and ideologies, he is ready to fulfill his mission and vision. It’s time to talk the talk. It’s time for ‘The Bhugz’s Talk’.


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