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we are murderers

Tears roared across the four-cornered room as sorrow started to wrap around each and every heart that was present during a girl’s funeral. The parents of the deceased couldn’t stop crying and kept blaming themselves for being bad guardians. As their cries got louder and louder, it started to draw more attention causing the dead’sContinue reading “we are murderers”

Closing the gap

Life in a fast-changing society left old school tenets on the boat and embarked on a more accessible digital vessel, causing a massive gap between generations. It is no secret how relationships between digital natives and adults are complex. Difficulties arise as a result of the differences in age, values, recreational preferences, and activities. “WhenContinue reading “Closing the gap”

When will nature call?

I  am mother nature. I am the world where everything exists. The trees, mountains, oceans, land masses- all of these forms are part of me. I represent a network of interconnected systems that unfolded billions of years ago. I have the ability to provide man’s needs and foster life of any kind. At first, myContinue reading “When will nature call?”

Reaction on Evolution of Communication

The cartoon shows the evolution of communication that people had undergone from prehistoric time to the present day. As seen in the picture, the communication tool has improved as time has passed by. However, it can also be gleaned that just when we thought we were progressing at greater heights, we are actually going downContinue reading “Reaction on Evolution of Communication”