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When will nature call?

I  am mother nature. I am the world where everything exists. The trees, mountains, oceans, land masses- all of these forms are part of me. I represent a network of interconnected systems that unfolded billions of years ago. I have the ability to provide man’s needs and foster life of any kind.

At first, my relationship with humans is in fine tune. As time passed by, their greed for more resources started to alter this fine tune into a cloudy one. Human activities and needs became more complicated which widened the then- narrow distance between me and humans. Widespread technological innovations, land expansions, industrialization and advances in agriculture are the main culprits.

Human activities put me then in grief and deep sorrow. People refused to acknowledge their responsibility to take care of me. Kingly forest and plant life were essentially destroyed by incessant cutting of trees and burning of grass lands. Recent technologies and modern industrialization triggered pollution which damaged the atmosphere resulting to uncontrollable rise in temperature known as global warming.  The sea level heightened because of the increase in temperature, causing massive flooding and evasively destroy land masses. This rise in temperature also ignited the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses that ceased life quality with widespread diseases. Even my bodies of water were not spared from contamination of toxic chemicals coming from factories that posed danger to life forms.

As your mother, I am huge and inevitable. Even if humans and other life forms destroy each other, there will still be me. There will be interactions between soil, oceans, atmosphere and weather with solar power to allow some life to exist. Human activities may lessen my natural paradise but cannot totally destroy me. If human beings will only learn how to obey and abide my laws, they will be completely spared of my hatred and anger.

What will be your role as human?  Have you done your share to protect me?  I provided you the terrain and atmosphere where you can breathe and live. Is it but righteous to repay me with respect instead of abuse?

I am your mother nature. I am telling you as my children that it is never too late. Act not tomorrow but now if you really wanted future generations to enjoy living and co-exist with me. Though one of you can only contribute a tiny drop of solution to the environmental problem, solidarity will lead you to an ocean-full of profound and permanent means to protect and take care of your beloved Mother Nature.


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