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we are murderers

Tears roared across the four-cornered room as sorrow started to wrap around each and every heart that was present during a girl’s funeral.

The parents of the deceased couldn’t stop crying and kept blaming themselves for being bad guardians. As their cries got louder and louder, it started to draw more attention causing the dead’s classmates to approach the casket where the couple was, in the hopes of calming them down.

“She took her life at a very young age.” The mother said hopelessly. Her eyes grew dark circles, and her hair was disheveled because of the lack of sleep she was getting.

“No, she did not kill herself.” A mysterious woman from the back retorted. “We all did.”

“Everyone started to turn their heads like violated giraffes. As the woman walked towards them, some of their eyebrows started to meet.

“What are you talking about? We didn’t even touch her! She obviously slit her wrist with a knife!”

“No. You told her she wasn’t good enough! That she’s a failure because she didn’t reach rank 1 in class!” She pointed at the mother.

“You called her a disgrace just because she chose a different career in contrast with what you wanted her to be!” She pointed at the father.

“You curse at her every time you fight!” She pointed at the boyfriend.

“You named her an idiot in front of the whole class just because she couldn’t get the equations right!”

“You talked behind her back and spread her secrets to people she doesn’t trust!” She said furiously.

“And I,” Her pointing finger slowly rested on her chest. “I was her crying shoulder. But the only peaceful solution I can think of was if she pits herself to permanent sleep.”

The people remained silent. Slowly internalizing the words the woman had just let out.

“Before she could even kill herself, we already killed her, using our words.”

As if on cue, everyone involved started sobbing loudly. Realization hit them so hard that their conscience was slowly starting to kill them. Devouring them foully like how a mantis kills its prey in the midst of a rainfall.

“Our words are like weapons that can protect us. But deadly when not handled with care. So anyone who has a well-functioning tongue,” She started tearing up. “..can kill that easily. We are all potential murderers.”

Photo credit: USEUM


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