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I fell in love with a guy

I fell in love with a guywho has palpable marks on his faceYet, he is unfazed to flaunt such a facadeFor it does not define his real beauty. I fell in love with a guywhose legs are not those of NBA starsYet, he’ll walk with grace and stateliness ㅡstrides that transcend myriads of footsteps. IContinue reading “I fell in love with a guy”

jealous love

Love isn’t jealous, it’s beyond understanding. While jealousy barricades, understanding leads the way. While jealousy is uncertain, genuine love understands. While jealousy conspires, true love inspires. While jealousy suspects, true love accepts. While jealousy blurs the sight, true love creates the vision. The realism about love isn’t its misconception, it’s far beyond human comprehension. AContinue reading “jealous love”

we are murderers

Tears roared across the four-cornered room as sorrow started to wrap around each and every heart that was present during a girl’s funeral. The parents of the deceased couldn’t stop crying and kept blaming themselves for being bad guardians. As their cries got louder and louder, it started to draw more attention causing the dead’sContinue reading “we are murderers”

Faint of heart

For that fine girl, you’ve always desired,Who you could lock your eyes upon,How come that all of a sudden,It’s as if your heart has already caved? For those moments that she’d seem so distant,Don’t stress yourself with the notion of your impending rejection.How come it’s as if she no longer has your attention?She could careContinue reading “Faint of heart”

A cryptic butterfly

He was sitting under the shade of an ostensibly century-old tree, surrounded by various flowers bursting its colors and unwavering fragrance. Barricaded with fences that made it a four-cornered place, he claimed it to be his personal and sweet spot – for there, his thoughts didn’t seem to falter, and his memories and emotions wereContinue reading “A cryptic butterfly”