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Reviving human rights

In May 2019, the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression (SOGIE) bill officially became the longest-running bill under the Senate interpellation period in Philippine history (CNNPh, 2019). This bill seeks to penalize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. The practices considered to be discriminatory are the denial of accessContinue reading “Reviving human rights”

Confronting worries at MAAP

Embarking into the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) has been a double-edged sword that keeps my self-reflecting mind challenged. As I venture into an unfamiliar, yet interesting path, so do the worries I have to handle to keep myself sailing. There have been moments when I space out and think of theContinue reading “Confronting worries at MAAP”

Forgoing his addicting presence

It was a typical day inside the institution. But for her, it was a new day of going to the comfort room as it was her favorite place to go. If for others, the said part of the institution was where people access the toilet and sink for urination, defecation, and other sanitary purposes. ForContinue reading “Forgoing his addicting presence”

Gaze of a timid guy

He was sitting in the corner of his room, laying his feet on the table, which allowed him to see the room across him. It was not accidental; he wanted it to be that way. For there, he could see her effortlessly radiating her pale and soft skin, pointed nose, and tiny yet endearing frameContinue reading “Gaze of a timid guy”

Motivational resources

Philippines has been known to be the home of resilient people. Disaster upon disaster, Filipinos have undeniably become stronger and optimistic as seen in the context of post-disaster recovery and survival. In simple words, this narrative of the so-called Filipino resiliency is derived from Filipinos still being able to paint smile on their faces despiteContinue reading “Motivational resources”

Heightened demands for online security measures

Shaping our daily lives are the technological advances we enjoy today. Our hobbies and interests, information and communications processes, personal panache, and even business methods are changing overtime because of the innovations developed time. Alas the inevitable truth steps in alongside with the comfort these innovations can offer is the uprising of safety issues thatContinue reading “Heightened demands for online security measures”

Closing the gap

Life in a fast-changing society left old school tenets on the boat and embarked on a more accessible digital vessel, causing a massive gap between generations. It is no secret how relationships between digital natives and adults are complex. Difficulties arise as a result of the differences in age, values, recreational preferences, and activities. “WhenContinue reading “Closing the gap”

When will nature call?

I  am mother nature. I am the world where everything exists. The trees, mountains, oceans, land masses- all of these forms are part of me. I represent a network of interconnected systems that unfolded billions of years ago. I have the ability to provide man’s needs and foster life of any kind. At first, myContinue reading “When will nature call?”

Reaction on Evolution of Communication

The cartoon shows the evolution of communication that people had undergone from prehistoric time to the present day. As seen in the picture, the communication tool has improved as time has passed by. However, it can also be gleaned that just when we thought we were progressing at greater heights, we are actually going downContinue reading “Reaction on Evolution of Communication”