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Faint of heart

For that fine girl, you’ve always desired,
Who you could lock your eyes upon,
How come that all of a sudden,
It’s as if your heart has already caved?

For those moments that she’d seem so distant,
Don’t stress yourself with the notion of your impending rejection.
How come it’s as if she no longer has your attention?
She could care less, only to see what you’ve truly got.

You might be wondering why she acts like that,
She’s just waiting for you to clarify things out.
Waste no time while your chances last.
Declare your affection with no falter and abient.

The moment she’s enlightened with your words and action,
Rest assured she’ll reciprocate your affection.
All she needs to do right now is to hold on.
Ergo, start moving your feet in a constant motion.

Photo credit: The Strike


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