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most loved

I am not good with words,

but I am good in silence…

When your eyes are clouded by tears

with salted liquid cascading

down your crystal clear

and squishy cheeks—

I let my hands speak

as I wipe them away.

When your head is having

the hardest time understanding

what’s going on—

I let my kisses speak

as it gently trails down

to the very soul of you.

When your knees wobble

because you think you can

no longer take the weight

in your righteous heart—

I let my arms speak as it wraps you tightly—

anchoring your fall.

When you are aiming for something

that gives you self-satisfaction

and a sense of achievement—

I let my palm and thumbs speak

as I give my moral support —

unleashing your anima.

When your hopes and dreams

are slipping right before you—

I let my presence speak by standing still,

giving you the assurance that you can always

start again, and again, and then again—

and I will be here for you and with you.

No matter what happens,

I want you to know

that in my silence—


happy valentine’s day, my love

eme hahahfjdglbchha


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